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Rug Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Kings Rug Wash specialises in offering the best rug cleaning services in Melbourne.

Over the years traditional rug cleaning methods have all but disappeared and have been replaced by automated rug cleaning machines. While these automated machines are fast, they fail to loosen the dirt trapped deep within the fibres of rugs and only clean the surface.

Kings Rug Wash traditional deep cleaning process begins with dusting in our custom build tumble duster to catch all the built up dust embedded in the rug. We then use traditional water immersion deep cleaning techniques to agitate the fibres, allowing the shampoo to work deep, to release dirt and grime. Depending on the construction, rugs are either laid flat or hung to Air Dry. Drying is followed up with a further vacuum to catch any dust released during the wash.

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Cleaning ALL types of RUGS

Wool Rug Cleaning

The key to cleaning wool rugs is to give them a good bath and the only way to do that is with a Traditional Handwash.

We use a gentle WOOL SAFE APPROVED shampoo and lots of fresh water in our custom wash bath, to deep clean the fibres of your wool rugs.

Wool rugs in high traffic areas can collect large amounts of dust and should be cleaned every year.

Silk Rug Cleaning

There is nothing quite like the look and feel of a Silk Rug. As with silk clothing, Silk Rugs can be easily ruined and lose their natural lustre if not cleaned with care.

At Kings Rug Wash we have developed a gentle solution to treat silk rugs and effectively remove dirt and grime.

Viscose Rug Cleaning | Art Silk Rug Cleaning | Including ALL Man-Made Silk

Viscose is rayon and the most problematic fibre on the rug market today. Rugs made with Viscose are weak and do not hold up to normal everyday life. Cleaning Viscose rugs can be tricky and results will vary depending on the quality of the rug and extend of soiling.

All cleaning of Viscose rugs will require a signed Rug Cleaning Authorisation and Liability Release form.

Synthetic Rugs Cleaning

Modern machine made rugs are almost exclusively made with Synthetic fibres that can be nightmare to clean as the fibre repels water and does not allow the shampoo to do its work.

We use a rotary carpet cleaning machine fitted with a soft brush to gently agitate the fibres and work in the shampoo. The result is vibrant colours and a clean hygienic rug.

Jute Rug Cleaning | Sisal Rug Cleaning | Hemp Rug Cleaning

Jute and other natural fibre rugs brown and yellow when they’re wet. This browning is caused by the release of oils. Jute rugs should only be cleaned by Rug Specialist and never in the home. If natural fibre rugs are not dried quickly,

Dry Rot can set in fast, making the rug brittle and eventually causing it to fall apart. Kings Rug Wash Melbourne uses a specialised technique for thoroughly cleaning Jute Rugs

Cotton Rug Cleaning

Many of the modern flatweave kilim rugs on the market today are made entirely of cotton. Cotton is great at absorbing which allows rug manufacturers to use vibrant dye colours. This also means Cotton rugs will soak up everything in your home.

At Kings Rug Wash we use a higher pH Cotton shampoo and work it in with a hand brush to brighten up the colours.

Vintage Rug Cleaning | Overdyed Rug Cleaning | Patchwork Rug Cleaning

Vintage rugs are often shaved to within an inch of their lives to give them a worn in antique look. This means the cotton foundation of the rug is most likely visible. Cleaning Vintage Rugs will show up problem areas that may not be noticeable until after the wash.

Please refer to our Rug Cleaning Authorisation and Liability Release form.

Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian Rugs are prized for their dense weave and intricate patterns. These intricate patterns can hide horrible stains and the dense pile can trap a ton of dust.

We clean Persian Rugs by shaking the dust out and washing using traditional rug cleaning techniques. Fringes of Persian Rugs require special attention and as part of our ROYAL WASH we offer a Fringe Detail service. Ask our Rug Specialist today.

Spot Cleaning Rugs

While it is not possible to eliminate all spots and stains on rugs, our Rug Specialists have formulated a pre wash treatment that helps the shampoo lift stains during the wash.

To avoid stains becoming permanent, you have to act fast and use a WHITE cotton towel to soak up spills. Don’t rub stains and DO NOT use detergents or store bought sprays

Rug Repairs

From time to time, much loved rugs will need repairs to maintain their appearance and prevent deterioration. Quality rug repair requires skill as well as complete knowledge of rug construction. Poor repairs can create irreversible damage and devalue your rugs.

Our expert repair team can take care of everything from frayed edges, unravelled fringes to reweaving holes and restoring fire damage.

Pet Urine Rug Decontamination

Pet Urine on rugs should be professionally cleaned off site as quick as possible. If allowed to sit, the Pet Urine will start to break down the fibres of your rug, causing permanent damage and discolouration.

Kings Rug Wash achieve the best results removing pet urine from your rugs with a full water immersion clean. This allows us to release the urine and wash it away with clean water.  Best used together with our Rug Odour Removal services.

Rug Odour Removal

Our Odour Removal services treats the problem at the source rather than masking it and the first step is to wash your rug.

During the wash we use an Anti-Allergen Deodoriser to remove Rug Odour. The deodoriser has no odour so there is no masking of the odour with a heavy scent.

Odour from older stains are problematic and may be permanent.

Moth Treatment

Moth larva love to feed on wool rugs in areas under furniture and unused rooms. We treat moth damaged rugs by looking for evidence of and removing any larva. We then thoroughly dust and give the rug a good bath.

The Moth protection needs to be reapplied every 3 months for the first year to ensure moths don’t return.

Any evidence of moths in the home should be referred to a pest controller

Non-Slip Rug Underlay

Kings Rug Wash supplies premium quality Non-Slip Rug Underlay for both hard surfaces (timber floors, tiles & stone) and soft surfaces (carpet).

We will cut the Non-Slip Rug Underlay to the exact size of your rug to ensure complete coverage and maximise performance.

Non-Slip Rug Underlay can also enhance the look of your rugs by providing extra body and eliminating kinks and ripples