Professional Rug Cleaning Pickup and Delivery Services in Melbourne

Kings Rug Wash in Melbourne excels in offering top-tier rug cleaning pickup and delivery services. We have seen a shift from traditional rug cleaning methods to automated machines, which often fail to effectively clean deep within rug fibres. Our approach combines the best of traditional techniques with modern expertise.

Traditional Deep Cleaning Process 

Our process begins with a meticulous dusting in our custom-built tumble duster, effectively removing embedded dust. We then employ traditional water immersion techniques for deep cleaning, ensuring a comprehensive clean that reaches deep within the rug fibres. Depending on the rug’s construction, we either lay them flat or hang them for air drying, followed by a thorough vacuum to eliminate any remaining dust.

Specialised Rug Cleaning Categories


Silk Rug Cleaning:

Silk rugs, with their unique aesthetic and texture, require gentle and careful cleaning to maintain their lustre and avoid damage.


Wool Rug Cleaning:

We use Wool Safe Approved shampoo and ample fresh water, ensuring a thorough cleanse of wool rug fibres, especially crucial for high-traffic areas.


Viscose and Artificial Silk Rug Cleaning:

Given the delicate nature of Viscose and similar fibres, our cleaning process for these rugs is carefully tailored, requiring a signed Rug Cleaning Authorisation and Liability Release form.


Natural Fibre Rug Cleaning (Jute, Sisal, Hemp):

Specialised techniques are used for these rugs to prevent issues like browning and dry rot, ensuring their integrity and appearance are maintained.


Synthetic Rug Cleaning:

Our approach for synthetic rugs involves using a rotary carpet cleaning machine with a soft brush, effectively cleaning the fibres and reviving the rug’s colours.


Cotton Rug Cleaning:

Our higher pH Cotton shampoo and hand brushing technique help to brighten and refresh cotton rugs.

Vintage, Overdyed, and Patchwork Rug Cleaning:

Given the unique characteristics of vintage rugs, we pay special attention to any problem areas that may arise during cleaning.

Persian Rug Cleaning:

Our thorough process for Persian rugs includes dusting and traditional cleaning methods, with special care given to fringes.

Specialised Treatments and Services

Spot Cleaning

Our pre-wash treatments are formulated to help lift stains during the cleaning process.

Rug Repairs

Our skilled repair team handles everything from frayed edges to reweaving holes, ensuring your rug’s value and appearance are preserved.

Pet Urine Rug Decontamination and Odour Removal

We offer comprehensive services to remove pet urine and odours, using full water immersion and anti-allergen deodorisers.

Moth Treatment

Our moth treatment includes thorough dusting and washing, with repeated applications to ensure moths do not return.

Additional Services

Non-Slip Rug Underlay

We provide and cut premium quality Non-Slip Rug Underlay to fit your rug perfectly, enhancing its appearance and safety.

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