Professional Persian Rug Cleaning in Melbourne

As trusted Persian rug cleaning experts, Kings Rug Wash prioritises gentle, specialised care tailored to protect the legacy of your one-of-a-kind investment. By understanding what makes these pieces so precious, we can ensure your design stays vibrant, authentic and historically significant for years to come.

Why You Need Persian Rug Cleaning Services

A beautiful piece like this can last generations with care and regular cleaning. At Kings Rug Wash, we offer a specialised Persian rug cleaning service in Melbourne. Omar and Ash have been dealing with these art-forms for over 25 years, and this knowledge ensures the correct identification of materials and dyes to get the best results possible.

Persian rug cleaning at the hands of inexperienced carpet cleaners in Melbourne can lead to irreversible damage. On the other hand, proper cleaning will rejuvenate the colours and bring them back to life.

The team at Kings Rug Wash is passionate about rugs and ready to answer all your questions. Give us a call today; you might even learn something new about your piece.

How Our Persian Rug Cleaning Works

The most important aspect of restoring these pieces is being able to identify the country or region they are from. This helps to determine the construction, materials and dyes used and select the best technique to clean them effectively. Failure to correctly identify the origins of your Persian rug can lead to irreversible damage.

The first step in cleaning your Persian rug is to loosen and get rid of the dirt and sand caught at the base of the rug. Traditionally, the best way to dust it was to hang it up and beat it repeatedly. This is not always possible with larger heavy rugs.

At Kings Rugs Wash, we have a custom-made tumble duster, which is effectively a large metal cage that we fold Persian rugs into and then spin or tumble for up to an hour. As the rug falls and beats on itself, the pile spreads to release the trapped dust.  We follow this up with a thorough vacuum on both the back and the front of the rug to catch and remove the dust.

Following dusting, your piece is now ready for deep Persian rug cleaning from our Melbourne experts. We offer  a traditional deep wash service where we place your rug face down in our custom-made concrete bath, washing the back of the rug first using plenty of water and shampoo.

Cleaning the back of your Persian rug first is a critical step and forces all the trapped dirt from deep in the base to the surface. We then flip it over and wash the front. At this point, we also take time to concentrate on the fringes and tassels.

The fringes on Persian rugs are often made from cotton and are white when new. Over time as they get kicked and trampled on they turn dull and grey. We detail the fringes the old-fashioned way by scrubbing them during the wash using a cotton shampoo. This really brightens them up and brings them back to like new condition. The deep Persian rug cleaning process is finished with a rinse of fresh water and a squeegee to push everything out.

You now have a very clean but very wet piece. The drying process starts with rolling up the wet rug and sliding it inside one of our industrial-sized centrifuge spinners. The rug is spun quickly for a few minutes to expel the water, leaving it touch dry.

We then transfer the rug to our enclosed dry room where we hang it for up to 5 days with fans and a dehumidifier to finish off the drying process. We don’t use any heat to speed up the drying process. While drying, we also groom and brush the pile of your rug leaving it nice and soft.

The final step is a further vacuum on both the back and front and a quick trim of any stray fibres. The piece is then rolled and taped ready for collection or delivery.

Quality Assurance

The Kings Rug Wash Persian rug cleaning service is a traditional deep clean that is guaranteed to rejuvenate and bring your treasured design back to life. We are experts in these pieces, and our results speak for themselves.

Get a quote on our professional Persian rug cleaning services in Melbourne today by contacting our team now.