Camberwell’s Choice for Expert Rug Cleaning and Care

Kings Rug Wash is excited to bring its top-tier rug cleaning services to Camberwell and its neighbouring suburbs, showcasing a fusion of traditional care and modern cleaning innovation. Our mission is to provide every rug, whether it be antique or contemporary, with a level of care and rejuvenation that stands out in the industry.

Cutting-Edge Deep Cleaning Techniques for All Rugs

Your rugs are in capable hands at Kings Rug Wash – we start with an advanced dusting process, leveraging our high-tech tumble duster to shake free the stubborn dust embedded within. Rugs are then bathed using time-honoured techniques, ensuring a thorough cleanse that reaches deep into the fibres. Regardless of whether they are dried lying flat or suspended, our meticulous air drying and final vacuuming process guarantees a rug that looks and feels immaculately clean by the time we hand it back to you.

Specialised Care for Every Type of Rug

  • Silk Rug Revitalisation: We treat silk rugs with the utmost care, preserving their delicate beauty and softness.
  • Wool Rug Deep Cleaning: Using Wool Safe Approved solutions, we effectively cleanse wool rugs, safeguarding their appearance and durability, particularly in areas of heavy use.
  • Viscose and Artificial Silk Rug Maintenance: Tailored cleaning plans for these delicate fibres, ensuring they receive the gentle care they require, complete with detailed care documentation.
  • Natural Fibre Rug Preservation (Jute, Sisal, Hemp): Our specialised techniques prevent unwanted browning and dry rot, maintaining the rug’s natural allure and strength.
  • Synthetic Rug Refreshing: Our gentle machines breathe new life into synthetic rugs, brightening and enhancing their texture.
  • Cotton Rug Cleaning: Unique shampoos and methods bring back the natural vibrancy and softness of cotton rugs.
  • Care for Unique Rugs (Vintage, Overdyed, Patchwork): Individualised attention to maintain the distinct character and quality of each rug.
  • Persian Rug Care: From thorough dusting to detailed washing and fringe maintenance, we ensure Persian rugs maintain their timeless elegance.


Premium Treatments and Additional Offerings

  • Focused Stain Removal: Specialised pre-treatment techniques for effective stain lifting.
  • Comprehensive Rug Repairs: Whether it’s edge reinforcement or intricate reweaving, our experts restore your rug’s beauty and value.
  • Pet Accident Solutions and Odour Removal: Advanced immersion techniques and deodorising treatments address pet stains and smells.
  • Moth Prevention: Intensive cleaning and protective measures to ward off moth damage.
  • Customised Non-Slip Rug Pads: Improve your rug’s safety and overall look with our bespoke underlay options.


Get in Touch with Us in Camberwell

For a prompt estimate, take advantage of our easy-to-use quote calculator or contact our friendly team at 03 9995 7331. At Kings Rug Wash in Camberwell, we dedicate ourselves to the meticulous care of each rug, revitalising its beauty and prolonging its life. Discover the Camberwell difference in rug cleaning excellence with Kings Rug Wash.