Rug Cleaning Brighton & Surrounding Areas

Kings Rug Wash Brighton provides professional rug cleaning services to homes and businesses in Brighton and surrounding suburbs. As specialists in the field, we can expertly clean all types of pieces to remove stains, odours, and allergens. Our Brighton technicians are highly trained to clean even delicate designer and antique rugs safely, no matter your needs.

Our Brighton Rug Cleaning Process

We carefully handwash your pieces to lift dirt from the fibres and remove stains, and never use harsh chemicals or machines that can damage the rug.

First, we fully inspect your design to identify any problem areas or special cleaning needs. Next, we gently wash it in our custom cleaning solution to loosen dirt and lift stains. For heavily soiled areas, we use specialised spot treatments. We rinse with clean water multiple times to remove all traces of soap residue.

Our rug cleaning process also means we extract excess water from your rug so it dries faster. We never wring or twist it, which can damage the fibres. Finally, we lay your rug flat to dry thoroughly before delivery.

Rug Wash Services You Can Trust

Over time, rugs can develop holes, tears, and frayed edges. We can expertly repair damaged areas on wool, silk, cotton, jute, and synthetic designs. Our specialists match dyes and fibres to blend rug repairs seamlessly.

For heirloom designs, we also offer careful restoration services. We can reinforce rug backings, replace worn fringe, and re-pile worn areas. No matter the job at hand, our Brighton rug cleaning experts can give new life to treasured antique designs of all kinds.

Signs You Need Our Services

Not sure if it’s time to give us a call? Here are some red flags that indicate your rugs need some love and attention:

  • Visible dirt or stains – If you notice dirt, dust, or stains on your rug that won’t come clean with regular vacuuming, it likely needs a deeper clean. Stains that reappear after spot cleaning also indicate the need for professional cleaning.
  • Colour fading – Over time, sunlight and foot traffic can cause rug fibres to fade in colour. A professional cleaning can help restore vibrancy.
  • Filtration lines – These are lines of dirt that become visible on the rug’s surface. They occur when soil particles settle into the fibres over an extended time. Professional cleaning lifts this deeply embedded dirt.
  • Pet odours – Pet urine, vomit, or other accidents can leave lingering odours even after spot cleaning. Professional cleaners use truck-mounted equipment and cleaning agents to fully remove pet odours trapped in rug fibres.
  • Mould or mildew odour – A musty, damp smell may indicate mould or mildew growth in the fibres. This requires professional cleaning to remove the odour safely and completely.
  • Worn, matted appearance – Heavy use can flatten and dull the look of fibres. Professional cleaning fluffs the pile and restores the original texture.
  • Attracting dust and lint – If your piece seems to attract more dust and lint than before, it likely has an accumulation of dirt and oils that require a deep clean.

Why Choose Kings Rug Wash Brighton?

With over 25 years of experience, our rug wash experts in Brighton can handle any type of rug. We are trusted by leading interior designers and retailers to clean expensive designs without damaging or causing any further wear.  Our non-toxic process also removes dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens from your rugs.

We provide a fast turnaround, with most pieces dried and ready for pickup within 2-3 days. For your convenience, we offer free pickup and delivery for all rug cleaning and repair services.

For professional, quality rug cleaning in Brighton, trust the experts at Kings Rug Wash. Contact us today for a free quote or to schedule an appointment.