Armadale’s Premier Rug Cleaning Pickup and Delivery Service

Kings Rug Wash is proud to extend its exceptional rug cleaning services to the suburb of Armadale and surrounding areas, refining the essence of professional rug care. Transitioning from conventional cleaning methods to sophisticated techniques, we ensure that every rug, from traditional to modern, receives unparalleled attention and treatment.

Revolutionised Deep Cleaning for Every Rug

Our innovative cleaning journey begins with a thorough dusting, using our state-of-the-art tumble duster, effectively dislodging deep-seated dust particles. Following this, we immerse rugs in water using age-old cleaning methods, guaranteeing a level of cleanliness that penetrates the very heart of rug fibres. Whether drying flat or hanging, each rug is carefully treated to air drying and a final vacuum to ensure a pristine finish.

Expertise Across Various Rug Types

  • Silk Rug Cleaning: Our delicate approach to silk rugs preserves their elegance and texture.
  • Wool Rug Cleaning: Employing Wool Safe Approved solutions, we deeply clean wool rugs, vital for maintaining their condition (especially in high-traffic zones).
  • Cleaning for Viscose and Artificial Silk Rugs: A customised cleaning regimen for these sensitive fibres, complete with essential documentation for peace of mind.
  • Natural Fibre Rug Care (Jute, Sisal, Hemp): Utilising specific methods to avoid browning and dry rot, we safeguard the natural beauty and durability of these rugs.
  • Synthetic Rug Cleaning: Our soft brush rotary machines rejuvenate synthetic rugs, enhancing their vibrancy and texture.
  • Cotton Rug Cleaning: Special shampoos and techniques revive the brightness and feel of cotton rugs.
  • Specialty Cleaning for Vintage, Overdyed, and Patchwork Rugs: Focussed attention to preserve the unique charm and integrity of each piece.
  • Persian Rug Cleaning: Comprehensive dusting and washing, with a keen eye on fringe care, ensure Persian rugs retain their classic beauty.

Advanced Treatments and Additional Services

  • Precision Spot Cleaning: Targeted pre-wash treatments lift stains effectively.
  • Expert Rug Repairs: From edge repair to reweaving, our team ensures your rug’s value and aesthetics are fully restored.
  • Pet Urine Decontamination and Odour Elimination: Specialised immersion and deodorising processes to tackle pet-related challenges.
  • Moth Eradication: Detailed dusting and washing to prevent moth damage, with treatments to keep them at bay.
  • Custom Non-Slip Rug Underlay: Enhance your rug’s safety and appearance with our premium underlay solutions, tailored to fit.

Connect With Us in Armadale

For an immediate estimate, utilise our convenient quote calculator or reach out to our approachable team at 03 9995 7331. At Kings Rug Wash in Armadale, we’re dedicated to delivering meticulous care to each rug, rejuvenating its aesthetics and extending its lifespan. Experience the difference with Armadale’s choice for rug cleaning excellence.